Smile Freely with New Dental Techniques

16850187_sYou are always beautiful when you sport a smile! This is so true. But what if you could not smile because you felt that it caused you to look unattractive? If the condition of your teeth were such that you could not smile as freely as you would want to, what would you do?

Today, with advanced techniques and increasing research in the field of dental sciences, dentists are doing wonders and before you know it you would have the most bewitching smile. No more do you need to hide your discolored teeth or broken teeth and shy away from smiling.

New Dental Techniques

1. If you suffer from discolored teeth that have lost their color over time, or due to some other reason, dentists can resort to teeth whitening methods. Methods like Zoom! have helped in brightening teeth up to eight times than their present condition. A gel is applied to the teeth and then is treated under special ultra violet rays. The result is brighter and shinier teeth.

2. Veneers are also used widely to cover or remove imperfections. They are ultra-thin porcelain sheets that are devised medically. They are then fixed to the teeth enamel so that they look shades lighter and minor imperfections in the form of cracks and chips can be completely covered and obliterated.

3. Invisalign is if one suffers from teeth that are not in symmetry or well aligned. Invisalign is another modern technique that helps to align crooked teeth, and in a way that is not visible or unsightly like braces. They are a set of transparent aligners that is specially made. This can be worn constantly except when one is eating, brushing or flossing.

4. Also, if cavities need to be filled up, gone are the days when one would have to be satisfied with the dirty white fillings or the mercury ones. Now filings are matched perfectly to the color of the teeth and made to look as natural as possible.

These new dental techniques have helped removing the imperfections that you were so ashamed of, and help in bringing back your wonderful smile.